electric air compressor

The electric screw air compressor works on the principle of compressing air through helical rotors. Inside the compressor there are two rotors – one stationary and the other rotating around its own axis. As the rotors rotate, air is drawn into the compression chamber, where it is compressed, and then into the tank, where it is stored under pressure.

The screw compressor uses a special technology that allows it to achieve high efficiency at low noise levels and without the need for oil as a lubricant. Such a compressor consists of elements such as: an electric motor, a compression block, air filters, a tank and a pressure control system.

The electric screw compressor is convenient to use because it does not require fuel, as in the case of combustion compressors, and thanks to its design and technology, it ensures effective and reliable operation for a long time. However, it is worth remembering about regular service and maintenance of the compressor to ensure its long life and reliability in operation.

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