Dielectric rope – 22.16.1.D -1 m – OMAC Italy

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Dielectric rope 22.16.1.D -1 m – OMAC Italy

Nominal diameter – 16 mm

Safe working load – 1191 daN

Min. breaking load – 3574 daN

Weight  – 0,115 kg/ m

The price is for 1 meter in length.

Sold in any lengths .


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Dielectric rope – 22.16.1.D -1 m – OMAC Italy

Dielectric rope OMAC Italy, 12-strands, made of high tenacity Polypropylene Monofilament fibers.

It is a great rope for applications that require maximum insulating properties.

During the manufacturing process, different additives are applied in order to confer excellent dielectric properties.

Its antigyratory construction provides a superior resistance in comparation to the 3 strands ropes.

For works in high voltage or proximity to electrical line.

Laying: overhead, optical fiber, underground.


Raw material: Polypropylene Monofilament. (HT)

Specific gravity 0.93.

No water uptake.


Good flexibility.

Good resistance to UV exposure.

Weak abrasion resistance.




Additive treatment.


Excellent dielectric properties.

Melting point 165º C


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Supplied wound up on wooden reels.

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