Bright steel rope C02.10.LR – 1 m – OMAC Italy

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Rope made of bright steel C02.10.LR

Rope diameter – 10 mm

Wire diameter – 0.64 mm

Co-laid rope – 45.7 mm²

Breaking load – 72.1 kN

Weight – 0.41 kg / m

Polished steel rope.

It consists of 133 wires.

The weave can be optionally long or plain.


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Bright steel rope C02.10.LR  – 1 m

The bright steel rope by OMAC Italy consists of 133 wires.

Construction: 19 x 7.

The weave can be optionally long or plain.

Resistance of wires 200 kg/mm².

Ropes wound on a steel rope model F162.110

Sold in any length.

Other ropes are available in our shop.

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