Lighting towers

Trime lighting towers for lighting large construction sites, special events, mines and other areas without power supply.

They come in many versions. They are equipped with:

-internal combustion engines – acting as a power generator
-accumulators – storing and using accumulators
-hybrid – powered by its own generator and solar panels

The engineering team has developed a wide range of innovative, compact and versatile products using the latest technologies in the fields of energy saving, exhaust gas reduction and CO2 emissions.

Lighting towers are developed and used in all markets, in all environmental conditions and in many different applications such as rental, construction sites, road works, special events, oil and gas, mining operations, civil protection and military applications.

Within a few years, the company doubled in size, and the quality of our products prompted us to manage a strategic sales and service network all over the world, constantly developing.

Trime presentation – Mobile lighting masts

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