We offer a wide range of maintenance services. We provide equipment maintenance, warranty repair, repairs on request and parts supply.


  • Assessment of the state of the machine.
  • Carry out the measurements.
  • Calibration of measuring instruments machine.
  • Perform on-call maintenance partsand components.
  • Establish measures to eliminate the identified disability.
  • Identify the need for materials and spare parts for planned repairs.

Warranty service

  • Fast, professional removal machine failure, a service provided 24 hours a day.
  • Maintenance of the park machinery and equipment in optimum condition.
  • Minimising disruption caused by failures of machines and equipment.
  • Optimization of machine parameters to adjust the machine for specific tasks.


We have training department, which plans to professional training for future machine operators in the field of basic maintenance and safety rules. Create favorable conditions for the efficient acquisition of practical knowledge and skills. We also run outdoor training directly on site. Our courses are tailored to your needs, take into account the simultaneous experience of participants, their skills and the nature of their professional activities. In the process of creating training involving specialists and practitioners in the fields of data that are relevant to the project. This includes training on the use of machines, as well as specialized training for the installation of high-tech composite cables. Participants receive training upon completion of the relevant certificates and certificates.

Renting of machinery
We machinery rental services that are offered in our sale. You can buy equipment borrowed from the settlement of lease cost in the price of the machine. Price rent machines depends on the type of equipment rented. For the use of the equipment deposit is charged on the value of the machine, which is settled upon return of technically able-bodied machine. For each contract lease terms are negotiated individually.

Sales and financing
The standard method of payment is 20% prepayment when ordering and 80% before shipping goods, and for your convenience we have many solutions to pay for the goods.

It is connected only with your cooperation with our company. For regular customers we offer, of course, completely clearing the overflow. There are also funding opportunities on the basis of supply and simplified leasing factoring.

The decision is left to the currency of your payment, which may be PLN, EUR and USD. Invoices are issued both with a branch in Poland and the Head Office in Italy, which will allow it to defer payment of VAT due to the settlement of intra-Community.

Sales Conditions & Warranty

Spare parts
As the machine OMAC Agency-Italy, we distribute spare parts. Parts supplied under both warranty and post-warranty service. All the components provided by our machines are cataloged, so that we can in a very short period of time to choose the right part to the type of machine. We all have the right online stock allows us to guarantee fast response time up to reported accidents and delivery of spare parts needed. Parts we supply are authorized by the machine OMAC-Italy, because of the highest quality. Components installed in our machines come from the best manufacturers and constant contact with the technical department at the factory OMAC-Italy, allows us to personal technical advice in the wake of the selection of parts for each of the custom queries of our machines. For all the current supply is switched technical documentation.
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