service winch, wciągarka serwisowa

Service winch – F101.05 – max 5 kN – auxiliary winch


Service winch  –  F101.05     (F101.03)

Max pulling force : 5 kN  (3kN)

Max pulling speed : 0-40 m/min   (0-72 m/min)

Engine : petrol, 4 kW

Rope diameter : 6 mm   (4 mm)

Rope length : 500 m   (900 m)

Weight: 158 kg   (190 kg)

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Service winch – F101.05 – max 5 kN – auxiliary winch

Service winch designed for jobs in telecommunication network maintenance.

This model is perfect for pipe renewal jobs where short rope lengths are required.

A piston may be connected to the front end of the wire rope.

(and be blown by compressed air through ducts of up to 1000 m length)

The piston may also be used for gauging the cross section of the duct.

When the reel is disengaged from the drive, the rope may be freely pulled off.

Avaliable models: F101.03 and F101.05

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Additional information

Weight190 kg
Dimensions125 × 60 × 100 cm

overhaed lines, undergrund lines