kompressor, screw compressor with aftercooler, kompresor mobilny śrubowy

Screw compressor MDVN 82KH – 7 bar – 8000 L – with Aftercooler


Screw  Compressor MDVN 82 K – with aftercooler

Working Pressure – 7 bar / 102 psi ( 8000 L)

Engine – Kohler / Diesel

Engine Power – 55,4 kW / 73,6 KM

Direct Drive

Dimensions : 350 cm x 160 cm x 170 cm

Weight – 1540 kg


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Screw compressor MDVN 82KH – 7 bar – 8000 L – with Aftercooler

Screw compressor with modern, slender and aggressive line, Rotair Company.

Ideal for sandblasters.

Electro-galvanized bodywork and chassis with advanced painting procedure to grant an excellent preservation through time.

Compact dimensions for easy handling and optimum dimensions / delivered power ratio.

Stage IV-Tier Final compliant, without DPF filtration system (less maintenance costs).

Filters “spin-on” type for quick maintenance.

Full accessibility for easy and rapid maintenance and service.

European homologation for road circulation with brakes .

Exclusive pneumatic control system, developed by ROTAIR, to adjust automatically engine revs, depending on the air to be delivered. This system is highly reliable and ensures fuel consumption saving.

Start/stop “INTELLIGENT SYSTEM”, exclusive from ROTAIR, to prevent the risk of incorrect procedures during specific functioning.

Air/oil separator filter, highly oversized, can guarantee an excellent air/oil separation.

The air and oil filters of the compressor and the air and oil filters of the engine are independent.

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Additional information

Weight1,400 kg
Dimensions3,320 × 1,600 × 1,700 cm

z amortyzacją / with amortization, bez amortyzacji / without amortization

chłodzenie/ cooler

z chłodzeniem / with cooler, bez chłodzenia / without cooler