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Sanitation tunnel – X- MIST – ST100- disinfection gate


Sanitation tunnel – X- MIST – ST100

Spray system : 5 nozzles 10 µm

Pump – 130 bar : 60 mc/h – 0,55 kW

Disinfectan : any ; optional

Dimensions :  1000x1270x2350 mm

Weight : 320 kg

Water consumption : 0,35 L/min


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Sanitation tunnel – X- MIST – ST100  – disinfection gate

X-MIST ST100 is a sanitation tunnel with automatic activation. The desinfection site is primarily capable of reducing bacteria and viruses by nebulizing any disinfectant solution.

How does it work ?

The X-MIST ST 100 tunnel is an automatic disinfecting gate.

Solid structure made of painted and galvanized sheet metal, transparent side panels, also find access to people in wheelchairs, games and people with reduced mobility.

In the tunnel, 5 nozzles spray special disinfectant solution on passersby.

People entering the tunnel are exposed to the fog.

The mist quickly and easily disinfects all exposed surfaces without any risk, while the nebulization itself is gentle to avoid the wetting effect and reduce disinfectant consumption.

Possible benefits of using the X-MIST disinfection gate with any disinfectant:

  • Eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold and fungi,
  • Quickly kills viruses, bacteria including E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA and others
  • The system is safe and effective and non-toxic, free from carcinogens and chemical residues.

Advantages of using our disinfection gate :

  • First of all, it reduces the risk of infection with COVID19 and all harmful viruses.
  • A sanitaion tunnel designed for 200/300 people per hour.
  • Automatic system controlled by a photocell.
  • Sturdy structure, easy to transport and commissioning.
  • Compact dimension for easy installation.

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