railroad track

Rail-road track RW20.20.1 OMAC Italy

Rail-road track RW20.20.1 OMAC Italy

The road-rail system.

Engine – Diesel Power – 36 kW / 48 HP

Winch-tensioner: Max force – 20 kN

Continuous speed – 5 km / hour

Weight – 7800 kg

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Rail-road track RW20.20.1 OMAC Italy

The Railroad track by  Omac company – two-way vehicle is a rail-road system, with a hydrostatic drive, for hanging railway traction.

The construction of our two-way vehicles is based on many years of experience of our designers and constructors. Which is why we guarantee high technological quality.

Designed for 2-8 axles for vehicles up to 48 tons.

The drive of this road – rail system is on all wheels, through hydraulic motors.

The ABS system of this vehicle is located on each wheel and has service and parking brake.

Six wheels are hydraulically driven .

Rear trolley – 2 × 90 ° – can be swiveled to allow easy access to short crossings, and have the smallest turning radius.

Railway system for installation or maintenance of 1, 2, 3 or 4 conductors, mounted on a rail-road vehicle.

It is a flexible solution that allows you to easily reach the workplace. Also you can carry out stringing operations on high voltage lines.

This is done by easy transport on public roads as well as railroad tracks.

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