wciągarko-hamownik, puller-tensioner

Puller-tensioner, hydraulic – PT50 – 50 kN


Hydraulic puller-tensioner – PT50

Max pull / tension : 50 kN

Speed at max pull : 2,3 km/h

Max speed:  5 km/h

Pull at max speed : 22 kN

Feeding: diesel

Power :75 hp / 55 kW*

Cooling : water

Electric system :12 V

Dimensions LxWxH : 3,95×2,00×2,20 m

Weight :3600 kg

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Puller-tensioner – hydraulic –  PT50 – 50 kN

Puller-tensioner, hydraulic machine OMAC Italy  designed to operate both as a tensioner and as puller, fit to string one rope or conductor.

One hydraulic circuit allows to tension at constant force even when stringing speed changes.

In puller mode, one hydraulic circuit allows to continuously vary the speed in both directions.

Steel capstans lined with multi-grooved nylon sectors.

Built-in electronic instrument DEG 4.0 – 7’’ large graphic colour display and a USB port.

Omac Link System (opt.107 and opt.107.1 excluded).

Maintenance-free load cell reading system.

Electronic instrument by-pass.

Self-recovery device for sagging operations.

Metallic soundproof cover with doors.

Radio control.

Automatic clamp for 1 rope/conductor.

Pull-force setting to maintain the pre-set force even at speed “0”.

Device to control low-force tensions (2-25 kN), fit for OPGW.

Freewheeling disconnection (neutral) of capstans.

Safety negative hydraulic brake.

Back fix conductor-driver with nylon rollers.

Chassis with rigid axle, manual brake and detachable drawbar for towing at low speed in job-site.

Hydraulic front plough and back stabilisers.

Anchoring and lifting points.

Oil cooling system.

One auxiliary hydraulic circuit for additional equipment (1 reel-winder or reel-stand).

Grounding connection point.

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