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Power generator TRIME 750 kVA 600 kW

117 649,15$ 117 649,15$

Continuous power (PRP) 750 kVA – 600 kW
Back-up power (LTP) 830 kVA – 664 kW
Power factor cosϕ 0.8
EURO 3 exhaust emissions

Made in Italy
A generator for use outside the European Union

Engine technical data:

Engine: DOOSAN S6L1D-C
Fuel: Diesel
Number of cylinders: 12
Cooling: water
Start: electric
Tank: 950L
Consumption: 118.75 liters per hour (8 hours of operation on a full tank)

Alternator specifications:

Alternator: STAMFORD HCI6G
Type: synchronous, brushless, self-excited
Continuous power: 810 kVA
Standby power: 860k VA
Generator rated current: 1169 A
Insulation class: H
Electronic voltage regulator type: MX321
Voltage regulation accuracy: ±1%

Power generator TRIME MGTP 750 SS DI with Korean engine DOOSAN.
The power generator is equipped with a STAMFORT HCI6G alternator.

Silenced version with galvanized steel sheet and powder coated roof, compact base frame, retention basin, double-walled tank with tightness control.

Standard equipment of the unit:

  • Electronic regulator
  • Protected connection of hard wires
  • ComAp AMF25 panel mounted electrical panel with safety cover
  • Circuit breaker
  • Internal muffler and insulated manifold
  • Engine Oil Extraction Pump and Fuel Separator Filter
  • 12V battery with switch
  • Double-jacket tank
  • Lifting hooks and side pockets for forks

Optional equipment:

  1. KIT AMF – Auto Master Failure: Mandatory/Required for Auto Start Version
  2. 220V heating system: strongly recommended for the auto start version. Automatic engine heating with thermostatic resistors. Recommended for emergency use and at temperatures below +10°C. Mandatory for ambient temperatures below +10°C
  3. ATS – Automatic Transfer Switch: electrical panel to automatically manage the transfer between the mains and the generator set complete with interlocking contactors or motorized switch, interface with the generator via connection terminals
  4. Socket TPS03 kit: in a waterproof box installed on GE, consisting of socket no. 1 x 32A (3F+N+G 5pole), no. 3 poles) + socket no. 1 x 16A Schuko. All sockets protected by MT circuit breakers. Ground connection.
  5. Socket TPS01 kit: in a waterproof box installed on GE, consisting of socket no. 1 x 63A, no. 1 x 32A, no. 1 x 16A (3F+N+G 5pole) + no. 3 poles) + socket no. 1 x 16A Schuko, MT 63A circuit breaker + 30mA residual current circuit breaker. Ground connection.
  6. Quick coupler for external ground tank
  7. Oversized 2500 liter fuel tank with collection tank

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Weight 6910 kg
Dimensions 450 × 185 × 255 cm


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