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Fiberoptic compressor Rotair – VRK Fibra – 15 bar – 1000 L


Portable compressor Rotair – VRK Fibra

Working pressure- 15 bar – 218 psi

Air delivery – 1000 L / min

Quality of compressed Air: +20°C / +36 °F

Engine – Honda GX690 – Stage V

Weight- 250 kg


Possible version VRK Fibra Plus with Quality of compressed Air – +2°C


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Portable compressor Rotair – VRK 215 Fibra – 15 bar – 1000 L for fiberoptic and sandblasting

Compact design, extremely maneuverable and easy access for maintenance .

Encapsulated airend with Rotair design profile, max efficiency and operational safety.

High efficiency trapezoidal belt-drive, over-dimensioned to ensure transmission with less maintenance

Special Fibre-Optic. Conceived for Fibre-Optic Cable laying.

All filters readily accessible.

One single, compact, easy to transport and maneuverable portable compressor, immediately ready to work.

All moving parts are inaccessible, according to the most stringent safety norms.

Cooling ventilator shielded and inaccessible.

Muffler under the portable compressor, less noise and avoids risks of accidental burns.

Cooling fan on the engine axle.

Pneumatic control system, Rotair production, to automatically adjust engine revs, depending on the air to be

delivered. This system is highly reliable and ensures fuel consumption savings.

Automatic depressurization at the end of the work cycle.

Encapsulated separator tank with double separation-internal filter and external spin-on.

Compressor air filter and engine air filter are separated.

Single stage oversized air filter for compression circuit, to guarantee good filtering of the air intaken by airend.

Easy to lift & transport.

Lifting eye for crane use . Solid-type wheels ( Skid version available on option).

Double-stage air/oil separation .

Lowest oil in air for this category: ≤ 1 PPM.

Air cooling and drying integrated in the unit.

Less noise and consumption.

All filters are spin-on / bayonet-type, for faster change.

Intuitive starter.

Integrated hours counter.


Oversized single cooler for extra cooling of air.

Condensates separator .

Compressed air temperature: Ambient +20°C / +36°F.

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Weight220 kg
Dimensions119 × 77 × 100 cm