Model 22.12.1

Nominal diameter mm 12

Elongation under tension at 10 % BL (¹) 4%

Elongation under tension  at 30 % BL (²)  7,5%

Breaking load daN 3.500

Weight  kg/m 0,115

Standard Lengths  m  500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000

(¹) elongation rate at 10% of breaking load

(²) elongation rate at 30% of breaking load

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Pilot rope made of an external polyester mesh stocking and a hi-tenacity nylon core.
Double torsion. Highly resistant to wear and UV rays. white colour.
Supplied wound up on wooden reels or in coils.


• Clamped eyes with metallic collars at the ends (note: the clamped eyes have
breaking load 30-35% lower than the rope).
• Sewn eyes (note: available up to Ø18 mm. The breaking load of the clamped eyes
is the same as the breaking load of the rope).

Additional information

Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 80 cm