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Mole MAX K65S- diameter 65 mm


Mole MAX K65S

Diameter 65 mm

Length: 1366 mm

Weight: 22,5 kg.

Air demand: from 0.8 m3 / min – recommended compressor with a capacity of 1.2 m3 / min.

Working pressure: 7 atm.

Impact energy 100 J.

Operating frequency 6 Hz

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Mole MAX K65S- diameter 65 mm

Mole MAX K65S is an easy-to-use jacking machine for the installation of small diameter pipes.

The mole’s weight of around 22 kg and very low air demand make it a very popular model.

With its assistance, you can establish a connection starting from the basement and ending in a well.

Completely trenchless and ithout the need to interfere with gardens, lawns .

During the jacking process, you can simultaneously pull 50mm or 63mm diameter pipes.

It is mainly used for the establishment of connections to individual buildings and in trenchless works associated with electrical or telecommunication networks.


  • Performing   jackings with a diameter of 65 mm
  • Winching PE and PVC pipes with a diameter of  50 and 63 mm
  • Manually pulling pipes with a diameter  of 25-55 mm


Easy to operate and change the machine’s direction of operation through a pneumatic valve located in the oiler.

Very high accuracy of performed jackings .

High impact energy which results in high speed of work.

Secured control hose located inside the power supply hose, the machine’s durability and reliability .

The basic set contains: jacking device, power supply and control hose with length of 20 linear meters, oiler with control valves, sealing thread LOCTITE 55.

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24-month warranty.  During the warranty period, the cost of delivering the machine for servicing (via the courier company indicated by the manufacturer) shall be covered by the manufacturer.




Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 1,400 cm