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Mole MAX K160S – diameter 160 mm

Mole MAX K160S

Diameter: 160 mm.

Length: 2110 mm.

Weight: 203 kg.

Air demand: from 3,5 m3 / min – recommended compressor with a capacity of 4.5 m3 / min.

Working pressure: 7 atm.

Impact energy 710 J.

Operating frequency 6 Hz

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Mole MAX K160S – diameter 160 mm

Mole MAX K160S is the gorund rocket for medium and large sized of installation.

This mole  is designed for pulling PE/PVC pipes diameter Ø110, Ø125, Ø140 and Ø160 mm in the first operation.

The Machine is very useful for installation form steel pipes diameter up to Ø406 mm.

This mole is very easy to use and control and has a great efficiency and accuracy.


  • Performing   jackings with a diameter of 160 mm
  • Performing jackings with the assistance of expanders with diameters of 195mm  and 219 mm
  • Winching PE and PVC pipes between  110 mm, 140 mm and 160 mmdirectly behind the machine
  • Winching PE and PVC  pipes between 180 mm and 200 mm with the assistance of additional accessories
  • Driving steel pipes with a diameter of up to 406 mm with the assistance of cones


Easy to operate and change the machine’s direction of operation through a pneumatic valve located in the oiler.

Very high accuracy of performed jackings.

High impact energy which results in high speed of work.

The basic set contains: jacking device, power supply and control hose with length of 20 linear meters, oiler with control valves, sealing thread LOCTITE 55.

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24-month warranty.  During the warranty period, the cost of delivering the machine for servicing (via the courier company indicated by the manufacturer) shall be covered by the manufacturer.


Additional information

Weight240 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 2,200 cm