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Liquid lubricant for cables WMM – 5 kg



Appearance              white

Odor                          none

Viscosity                   26,000 cp

Specific gravity         gr/cm3 1

pH                           7 neutral

Use temperature      -10-+50°C

Toxicity                    non-toxic

WGK                       1 (according to 2000 German and British standards)

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Liquid lubricant for cables WMM – 5 kg

Gel WMM is designed to address the problems related to the installation of power, telephone, and fibre optic telephone cables.

Appearance: the product is a white gel with medium/high consistency.

The water and glycol in the gel act as lubricants and as vehicles for other specific lubricants which act along the way.

Easy to apply, without any dripping or loss of lubricant.

In industrial applications, it is used to lay big power cables in plastic or concrete ducts.

Traditional use: apply the gel with a sponge onto the cable; install the cable.

The water will evaporate, leaving a layer of lubricant on the cable.

The lubricant layer will stay on for a very long time.

No glue effect, cables don’t stick to each other.

For further information, see the technical data sheet.

Gel WMM is a non-toxic, inert, bio-degradable, non-flammable product.

Packing: 5 kg

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm

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