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Hydraulic winch – F206.10


Hydraulic winch – F206.10
Max pull 10 kN
Speed at max pull 0,9 km/h
Max speed 2,4 km/h
Pull at max speed 4 kN

Dimensions LxWxH 1,65×1,25×1,10 m
Weight (without rope) 430 kg

Internal diameter 240 mm
External diameter 500 mm
Width 480 mm
Capacity of rope:
Ø 8 mm 800 m
Ø 6 mm 500 m

Feeding gasoline
Power 12 hp / 8,8 kW
Cooling air
Starting by rope

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Hydraulic winch – F206.10

Hydraulic winch fit to pull one rope in service operations such as setting-ups and adjustment of transmission lines and underground cables laying.

Direct pull on the drum.

One closed hydraulic circuit allows to continuously vary the speed in both directions by operating one control device.

Detachable drum.

Automatic swinging rope-winder with idle position for manual operation.

Dynamometer for reading the pull force.

Freewheeling of the drum.

Safety hydraulic negative brake.

Rigid axle with tires and drawbar fit for towing at low speed in the job-site.

Stabilisers and attachments for anchoring.

Rope-driver rollers fit for vertical and horizontal pull.


Additional information

Weight400 kg
Dimensions120 × 110 × 140 cm

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