Hydraulic tensioner fit to string one  conductorsor optical fiber cables. One hydraulic circuit allows to tension at constant force even varying the speed of stringing. Equipped with engine for pull-back performances.

Model Model F120.50 – rigid Axle

Possible option for 2 wires as in the enclosed data sheet.

Capstans 2 x Ø 1500 mm
Maximum diameter
2 x 36 mm wire
Dimensions AxBxC 3.95 × 2.00 × 2.40 m
Weight 2700 kg

Max. Tension force 50 kN
Min. Pull force 2 kN
Maximum speed 5 km / h

Pull force 50 kN
Maximum speed 0.7 km / h

Option 008 – damped suspension for towing on the road included in the price
Option 045.3 – Safety clamp for one conductor included in the price


Available on back-order



• One pair of steel capstans lined with multi-grooved nylon sectors.
• Machine control panel equipped with built-in electronic instrument DEG 4.0 featuring a 7’’ large graphic colour display and a USB port.
• Maintenance-free load cell reading system.
• Electronic instrument by-pass
• Device to control low-force tensions (2-15 kN), specially fit for optical fibers.
• Self-recovery device for sagging operations.
• Freewheeling disconnection (neutral) of capstans.
• Safety negative hydraulic brake.
• Two back fix conductor-drivers with nylon rollers.
• Chassis with rigid axle, manual brake and detachable drawbar for towing at low speed in job-site.
• Mechanical front plough and back stabilisers.
• Attachments for anchoring and for lifting
• Heat exchanger to cool the oil in the hydraulic circuit.
• Auxiliary hydraulic circuit for controlling 1 or 2 reel-stands (not independent).
• Grounding connection point.


008 Damped axle, air brake, drawbar and lights.
006.4 Arrangement of the chassis for circulation on road (homologation excluded).
037 Remote control by cable, with 10 m of cable.038Radio-control (max distance 100 m).
045.2 Automatic clamp for 2 conductors.
045.3 Manual clamp for 2 conductors.
069.5 Printer for the electronic recorder, with accessories.
047.2 Hydraulic front plough
048 Hydraulic back stabilisers.

Additional information

Weight3,000 kg
Dimensions500 × 240 × 220 cm

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