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Hydraulic puller F285.P.100 max 100 kN


Hydraulic puller F285.P.100 max 100 kN

Capstans – 2 x Ø 300 mm

Max rope diameter – 16- mm

Dimensions : 3,10 x 1,85 m x 1,65 m

Weight (without rope)  – 2100 kg

Engine – Diesel –  Stage V

Power –  42 kW

Max pull force – 100 kN

Max speed- 50 m/ min

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Hydraulic puller F285.P.100 max 100 kN

Hydraulic puller OMAC Italy fit to pull one rope in laying underground transmission cables and optics fibre cables.

One hydraulic circuit allows to continuously vary the speed in both directions by operating one control device.

One pair of multi-grooved steel capstans fit for stringing one steel rope.

Machine control panel equipped with built-in electronic instrument DEG 4.0 featuring a 7’’ large graphic colour display and a USB port.

Maintenance-free load cell reading system.

Electronic instrument by-pass.

Safety negative hydraulic brake.

Chassis with damped axle, tires, overrun brake, manual brake and drawbar for towing on road at max speed of 80 km/h (homologation on request).

Metallic coverage with doors.

Four adjustable mechanical stabilisers.

Attachments for anchoring and for lifting.

Heat exchanger to cool the oil in the hydraulic circuit.

Pulley for rope arranged for telescopic rod.

Built-in reel-winder with automatic rope-winder and extractable reel.


037.Remote control by cable, with 10 m of cable.038Radio-control (max distance 100 m).

051.3Motorised rubber caterpillars.

038.CRadio-control for caterpillars.

067.1Telescopic rod to lay underground operation (art. F276).

069.5Printer with accessories.

082.Device for pull force setting, which allows to maintain the pre-set even at speed ‘0’ (fit for pipe refurbishing)

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