dynamometr elektroniczny

electronic dynamometer 5000kg – model C43.4.50


High precision digital electronic dynamometer.
Tare zeroing and weight restore. Locking/unlocking of the displayed weight.
Peak holding
function. Visualization of gross, net and tare weights. Selection of the measuring unit
(kg, t, ton, Lbs, kN). Selection of the speed of reading. Auto power-off enabling function.
Calibration of zero and weight. Accuracy: ±0,15% of full scale value.
Working temperature range: -10 to +55 °C.
Max overload admitted: 200% of full scale value.
Protection factor: IP65. 5-digit 17 mm display.
Power supply: 9 V with standard battery.
Autonomy: 200 hours circa

Capacity 5000 daN

Sensitivity 2 daN

Dimensions 230 x 90 x 56 mm

Weight 1,85 kg

Available on back-order


High precision digital electronic dynamometer.


01 No. 1 pair of high-resistance eyebolts.
02 No. 2 sets of spare batteries.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions300 × 15 × 20 cm