CONDUCTORS PULLEY model F145.65.70.E


Three-sheave block fit for stringing a pilot rope by helicopter. Proper devices allow to
position the pulling rope in the sheave groove, and keep it inside the groove during
stringing operations. Aluminium sheave mounted on waterproof bearings. Groove lined
with nylon sectors. Galvanized steel frame. Fix attachment.

Working load 60 kN

Dimensions in catalog

Weight 175 kg

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Running out blocks with three aluminium sheaves fit for stringing two/three-bundled conductors by helicopter.

314 Sheaves lined with aluminium sectors.
326 Grounding device (opt.314 needed).
329 Copper cable, 6-m long, with transparent PVC protection, with a clamp for
tower and a terminal for the running out block (opt.326).

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Weight160 kg
Dimensions70 × 80 × 140 cm