Compressor MDVN 22 K / BS – with after cooler – 12 bar -1400l


Mobile compressor model MDVN 22 K- 12 Bar

Air flow – 1400 l / m

Working pressure – 12 bar / 174 psi

Engine – Kubota / Diesel

Engine power – 18.5 kW / 25 hp

Drive transmission – strip

Weight – 490 kg

The device is equipped with an aftercooler and a condenser for drying compressed air.

Compressor mounted on a mobile chassis with adjustable drawbar and towing lights.

Has approval for registration. The version is not equipped with an overrun brake. In the store also available with a brake as an option.

Available on back-order

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• New, more modern design with a more aggressive and streamlined look
• Compact dimensions for easy operation, with the same high performance levels
• Noise at the lowest levels, as indicated in the latest standards.
• A power system with a liquid cooling system that is more reliable and less noisy.

• Special “BS” sandblasting version that includes compressed air cooling and an automatic condensate separator to ensure the supply of dried air.
• Safety device for starting at low temperatures of a diesel engine.

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Additional information

Weight540 kg
Dimensions3,100 × 1,450 × 1,300 cm