Kabeltrommelanhänger, przyczepa kablowa

Cable trailer with lifting F10.35.1- 3500 kg – rigid towbar


Trailer for transport and mechanical lifting of the DMC drum: 3500 kg

Drum max weight: 4000 kg
Drum max diameter: 2800 mm
Drum max width: 1500 mm

Wheels: 4 x 185 R 14C
Eyelet hook type: 40 mm


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Cable trailer with lifting F10.35.1- 3500 kg

Rigid towbar.

Cable trailer can be operat­ed very easily by just one person equipped with single-axle of tandem-axle chassis.

Standard of execution:
Steel structure, hot-dip galvanized
Suspension: two axes suspended centrally
Axles: braked by the German company AL-KO or KNOTT

Catch: “ball” type,
Height of the hook to the ball hook – 450-500 mm from the ground,
AL-KO manual drum winch in a safety cover
Two rear parking stands, wheel chocks
Tiller bracket with smooth (infinitely variable) height adjustment
Complete 12 or 24V electrical installation
Galvanized tandem fenders
A set of documents necessary for vehicle registration


Drum drive – winding up and unrolling the cable – started with an internal combustion engine

Adjustable towing bar – 1800 Euro


Additional information

Weight1,200 kg
Dimensions500 × 255 × 200 cm