blow-machine, wdmuchiwarka do mini kabli

Blow-machine – Powerflow Mini


Blow-machine – Powerflow Mini

Technical parameters :

– Speed of blowing up to 110m/min

– Engine power  320W

– Range of blowing to 2500 m

– Weight – 12 kg

– Dimensions 480x300x270 mm

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Blow-machine – Powerflow Mini

Mini cable blowing machine with caterpillar feeder –  PowerFlow mini.

Machine is used for blowing optical fibers with a diameter :4-9 mm and single micro-tubes of diameter : 5-16 mm.

It is equipped with a unique system of protection of the cable, through precise handling movable parts feeder (CPS cable protection system).

Compressor requirements:

– 0,8m3 / min to a tube of 8mm

– 1m3 / min to a tube of 8-12mm

– 1,5m3 / min to a tube of 12-15mm

Recommended compression flow 0.5-2 m³ / min. (17-35 l / s)

Engine air consumption approx. 0.2 m³ / min at 7 bar

max. pressure of blowing, 15 bar (230 PSI)

The set includes:

– soft and hard seals for tubes

– soft seals for cables

– aluminum handles to the micro-tubes

– Mantex hose, length 10mb

– safe transport box

Optional accessories:

Mini carousel

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions600 × 500 × 500 cm