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Air compressor Rotair MDVS 170 J – 10 bar – 15000 L


Air compressor Rotair MDVS 170 J

Air flow – 15000 L/min

Working pressure– 10 bar/ 145 psi

Engine – JCB

Engine power – max – 120 kW / 162 KM

Dimensions : 460 cm x 200  cm x 220 cm

Weight– 2300 kg

For sale outside the European Union.

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Air compressor Rotair MDVS 170 J – 10 bar – 15000 L / min

This portable compressor  Rotair – design with modern, slender and aggressive line.

Electro-galvanized bodywork and chassis with advanced painting procedure to grant an excellent preservation through time.

Compact dimensions for easy handling and optimum dimensions / delivered power ratio.

Light weight and supersilent for the compressor class.

Full accessibility for easy and rapid maintenance and service.

Exclusive pneumatic control system, to adjust automatically engine revs, depending on the air to be delivered.

This system is highly reliable and ensures fuel cansumption saving.

The air and oil filters of the compressor and the air and oil filters of the engine are independent.

Single stage oversized air filter for compressor part, to guarantee good filtering of the air intake by airend.

As option, two-stage air filter for engine part.

Fuel pre-filter with water seperation and second filter to clean fuel in very dusty conditions.

Combined radiator allowing both compressor oil cooling and engine liquid cooling.

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For sale outside the European Union.

Additional information

Weight2,300 kg
Dimensions460 × 200 × 230 cm
Hamulec/braking system

z hamulcami/with braking system, bez hamulców/without braking system


z chłodnicą/with afercooler, bez chłodnicy/without aftercooler