Overhead lines

OMAC-ITALY together with Amin Power Energy provides comprehensive services to its clients in the energy sector, in particular, designs, manufactures and supplies machinery and equipment for overhead and underground power lines

It is a leader in the field of high voltage cables pulling and the supply of related accessories. Omac approaches each project individually and also implements specialized, the world’s largest structures of customer needs.

OMAC – Italy offers a full range of products type hydraulic Pullers, Tensioners, Hydraulic Pullers-Tensioners, which are intended for installation of power lines using all types of Conductors  such as theACSR, ACAR, GAP, the ACCC, ACCR, ACSS, OPGW.

Hydraulic Pullers and Tensioners OMAC production are specialized and currently the most advanced  equipment to build line of medium and high voltage. Special design, protection and measurement systems allow the safe and trouble-free posting of the line.

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